Falls Prevention Programs
Frequent falls and fear of falling present a major threat to the well-being and quality of life of many older people. Apart from any injuries sustained in a fall, any fall can trigger a fear of falling, which results in a downward spiral of reduced mobility, leading to loss of function and a higher risk of falling. Older people have a much higher rate of falls and fall injuries than do other age groups.
At CMUH, we have established a program guided by evidence-based research that calls for a systematic and multifaceted approach encompassing the following:
  1. comprehensive identification of fall risks,
  2. fall prevalence and incidence, and the implications for screening and assessment, and
  3. targeted interventions that can reduce falls and fall-injury rates and improve the quality of life of the frail elderly as well.
Implementation strategies have also been established and training is being provided to raise general awareness and enable the specific skills needed to implement the program.
An effective balance and fall prevention exercise program is also in place; this program works to reduce the burdens of falls and related injuries to the hospital as well as to the community.