Chinese Medicine Research & Development  Center
The Chinese Medicine Research and Development Center (CMRDC, 中醫藥研究發展中心) aims to establish scientific, innovative, and leading theories on Chinese medicine, with particular focus on research applications as well as drug discovery and development. Our primary goal is to advance the standards of research on Chinese medicine, so that, in time, Chinese medicine might play a leading role in medical therapies worldwide.
Chinese medicine, also known as traditional medicine because of its base in traditional Chinese culture, is known for its long history and rich experiences. In contrast to Western medicine, which focuses strictly on anatomy, Chinese medicine often gives the impression of lacking in scientific evidence and being relatively conservative. However, from a broader perspective, Chinese medicine and the development of the Chinese people are closely related. Furthermore, the significance of Chinese medicine has been recognized by the international medical society. For a long time, extensive use of Chinese medicine on humans has demonstrated that the results vary little from animal experiments; hence, Chinese medicine is being used as a short cut for new drug discovery and development.
The trends of respect the nature is booming globally. The CMRDC integrates not only CMU’s brilliant educational and research achievements, but also its well established platform technology. The CMRDC is a truly unique center dedicated to the acceleration of research on new drug discovery and development for Chinese medicine, not only within Taiwan, but also worldwide.
Research Focus
Chinese medicine pharmacodynamics, serum pharmacology, and serum pharmaceutical chemistry;
Drug safety research for Chinese medicine;
The establishment of a new and active screening platform for the discovery of ingredients for use in Chinese medicine;
Research on the most effective composition of drugs for use in Chinese medicine;
New drug discovery for Chinese medicine and lead compound optimization
The CMRDC has been established at the CMU campus to provide researchers at various CMU centers the opportunity to work together, along with collaborating institutions, both domestic and international. Initial research and development will be focused on the following:
Using medicinal chemistry approaches to discover and develop new active principles and their synthetic analogs from traditional Chinese or herbal medicine as clinical trial candidates; in addition, investigating the mechanisms of action of the active constituents, effective fractions, or valid traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions for the purpose of new drug discovery and development.
Introducing traditional Chinese medicine or herbal medicine as an adjunct therapy to current Western medicine so that they might achieve certification by the US Food and Drug Administration for use worldwide.
Developing high-quality, effective traditional Chinese medicine or herbal medicine with minimum side effects for use as health products. 
Enhancing the CMRDC’s research and development capabilities by establishing a platform for international collaboration in academics and technology. This will ensure CMU’s world leadership position in the field of traditional Chinese medicine research, which is the objective of CMRDC.