Service Innovation

Research and Academic Advantages

Service Innovation
Multidisciplinary Teams
Our multidisciplinary clinical teams are increasingly working to deliver services in novel ways. At CMUH, the professionals making up these multidisciplinary teams (MDT) differ by case, depending on patients’ diagnosis and social or personal situations. In general, these teams include medical professionals from various disciplines, homecare professionals if needed, social service and mental health professionals, and nutrition and health educators. 
Service Restructuring
The rapid development and knowledge sharing worldwide is enabling new forms of health care delivery. At CMUH, the need for international collaboration in clinical trials has continued to grow as we make progress in the development of better therapies and diagnostic screening.
Digitally Enabled Service Innovation
Digital technology is increasingly pervasive in health care, and can fundamentally influence the way care is delivered and how clinicians collaborate. End users across the health care industry are keen to leverage the smarter solutions that such technology can offer in just about no time at all. At CMUH, cloud computing is currently in the early phases of development and a considerable amount of research is being carried out in this area. E-health practices still face many challenges in both their development and their implementation.
Hybrid Organizations and Outsourcing
Recent trends in health sector reform have been geared towards promoting mechanisms for bridging and blending different, often competing, ideologies or ways of thinking at the organizational level. Outsourcing in health care has become a rising trend in recent years, for several reasons. During this phase of rapid expansion, we hope to examine the different types of outsourcing, joint ventures, and other collaborative opportunities, especially in the area of medical tourism.