Faculty Profiles
Hung-Chi Chen, MD
Dr. Hung-chi Chen is currently the Superintendent of International Medical Service Center of China Medical University Hospital, as well as Professor of Plastic Surgery at China Medical University. He has more than 300 publications on microsurgery, 12 book chapters and two books written on voice reconstruction with autogenous intestine and lymphedema as well as the editor of 3 other books on reconstructive microsurgery.
Most of his clinical work and research are in the field of hand surgery, microvascular transfer of intestine for various reconstructive purposes, including reconstruction of esophagus and voice, urethra, vagina, etc., and the prevention of surgical complications.
Dr. Chen is a graduate of the National Taiwan University College of Medicine at Taipei. He completed surgical and plastic surgical residencies at National Taiwan University Hospital and Chang Gung Memorial Hospital.
He had completed his fellowship training at Melbourne University (Melbourne, Australia, 1982-83), Louisville Hand Center University of Louisville (Kentucky, USA, 1989), Kleinert Institute, University of Louisville (1989). He is a member of American College of Surgeons (FACS).
Dr. Chen served as the Superintendent, E-da Hospital, Kaohsiung (2004-2010), the President for the Society of Hand Surgery, and the President for the Society of Plastic Surgery, Taiwan.
An experienced surgical leader, Dr. Chen said he will further enhance the multidisciplinary approach to reconstructive plastic surgery. “The pairing of innovative surgical solutions with discoveries in the burgeoning field of organ and tissue replacement and microsurgery allows us to move in many different directions,” said Chen, whose specialty demands regular collaboration with gastrointestinal, urological, orthopedic, reconstructive and vascular surgeons, among others.
Dr. Chen aims to grow the Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Clinical Program as well as the International Fellowship Training Program.
Microsurgical Reconstruction for Head and Neck Cancers
Reconstruction of Pharynx, Voice Tubes and Trachea
Reconstruction for Extremities,

Microvascular Transfer of Intra-abdominal Organs for Various Reconstructions
Lymphedema Surgery
General Plastic Surgery