Continuing Medical Education
As an integral component of the Medical Center, the hospital collaborates with other units of the University in promoting the University’s mission. Continuing Medical Education (CME) courses are offered at regular intervals for physicians and nurses at community hospitals and in private practice. In pursuit of that mission, the hospital has responsibilities to Carry out careful assessments of the continuing education needs of physicians in Taichung and across the nation;
Conduct CME programs that draw upon and highlight the University’s institutional strengths;
Disseminate research findings, technological advances, new clinical and health care information, and other new knowledge to help physicians enhance their professional competence;
Discover, develop, and disseminate new modes of delivering CME.
On a regular basis, as part of the continuing education program, the hospital also trains a great variety of administrative and paramedical professionals, including pharmacists, nurses, therapists, technologists, dietitians, volunteers, and social workers.