Integration of a Knowledge-Based Economy and Healthcare
The biotechnology revolution has transformed and continues to change the landscape of health care, beginning at the benches of university scientists. The development of biotechnology will have an enormous influence on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. We also expect it to have a significant positive impact on the economy in Taiwan, the surrounding regions, and beyond.
The advance of biomedical science and the biotechnology industry depends on a high-quality academic research environment along with the spirit of innovation and uniqueness. The successful development of the biotechnology and health care industries will be impossible if new solutions are not based on extensive research and the necessary verification acquired from clinical implementation.
Taichung Medical City
Taichung Medical City (TMC) will bring together both investigators with complementary expertise and younger investigators who still have a broad perspective in their respective research areas. The program will not only enable trainees to utilize their training in academic science but also open other possibilities in their career development, including medicine, industry, and other biotechnological applications. The main function of the TMC is to serve as a bridge between basic and clinical research and between clinical application and industrial development.
Through the establishment of the TMC, we aim to establish a world-class medical center based on a solid core of research and development (R&D), which integrates resources from private sector, government, and academic institutions to form a biomedical “science park system” that combines top biomedical R&D, industrial development, good management, and high-quality care. With the university medical center serving as the core of the clinical centers and R&D institutes, we propose to set up “total resources service” incubation centers, collaborative R&D centers, and industrial R&D centers. With the participation of and investments from private enterprises, we will build a first-rate biomedical and biotechnology industrial cluster in Asia.
For a large-scale medical center to be fully functioning, its core must be made up of a medical center and several specialty centers so that it can provide considerate, humane, and high-quality medical services not only for residents of Taiwan, but also for people living in Asia and even beyond.
To that end, we hope to enhance Taiwan’s national competitiveness and its standing in the fields of science and technology by producing concrete results, coinciding with the government’s aims to build up a knowledge-based economy and an international health care industry. We expect TMC to integrate advanced medical services, research, biotechnology, industrial development, and a quality lifestyle.