A New Environment of Healing
For the past 30 years, CMUH has made put considerable effort into assisting more than 10 affiliated community care establishments, ranging from local government hospitals to private hospitals and clinics. However, it is becoming increasingly necessary for us to build a new hospital or medical center away from the main campus in Taichung. Requests have come from county governments to help them meet the urgent need for high-quality medical care called for by local residents and international patients.
Although much of the proposed new medical center for Taichung Medical City (TMC; 水南園區) remains in the planning stage, the general consensus is that our new healing facilities should be designed in such a way that we can easily transfer patients between inpatient and outpatient units. This would enable staff to participate in large-scale clinical trials and to expedite the results of these trials, thus saving lives. We remain dedicated to training the next generation of clinical investigators in this important and unique discipline.
This planning process has shown us the wealth of opportunities available to us, not only in the actual design of this integrated care, research, and education system for the 21st century, but also in considering who we are, what we are doing now, what we want to become, how we can change to fit our vision of future needs, and how we will get there. We have the opportunity to create the finest academic health center in Asia and to shape the future of health care as we move farther into this new century.