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As the hospital partaining to the China Medical University, CMUH is committed to provide excellent medical services, clinical education and research, and the future..

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All of Taiwan’s medical institutions, including CMUH, provide patients with excellent health care services at reasonable prices. By providing the latest medical techniques and the most advanced medical technology, along with expert professionals, Taiwan health care providers will still only charge patients a basic, relatively low fee. In most cases, the surgical fees in Taiwan are only about one-fifth of those in the US and UK. For example, a hip joint replacement fee is about $5,900, which is about 17% of what it would cost in the US, 22% of that in the UK, and 59% of that in Singapore or Thailand.
Our medical care involves not only disease treatment, but also affordable health examinations, such as physical exams, cancer screening, coronary artery health exams, and cranial nervous health exams. Physical exams include panendoscopy, colonfiberscopy, and cancer screening. The cost of these exams is only 20–25% of that in the US. Furthermore, the cost of a positron emission tomography (PET) screening is only about half of what it costs in the US and the UK.
Last but not least, CMUH provides a verity of health care treatments such as dental implants, excimer laser surgery, artificial reproduction, and other types of surgeries to meet the needs of international patients.
Billing & Insurance
For answers to your billing and insurance questions, please call us at +886-4-22052121 (ext.1509, 1510); in addition, please consult your insurance company.