Cancer Center
The CMUH Cancer Center is one of the best comprehensive cancer centers in Taiwan. Additionally, CMUH physicians and researchers are at the forefront of setting new guidelines for breakthrough medical procedures and comprehensive care.
Cancer has been the leading cause of death in Taiwan since 1982. Last year, approximately 100 people died of cancer daily, and nearly one of every four deaths was cancer-related.
The disease process of cancer varies, and it can affect virtually every organ. In addition, because professional views on the diagnosis, clinical stages, and treatment of cancer are often divergent, and treatments of terminal stage cancer is rarely effective, many people believe—falsely—that cancer is incurable. In fact, more than half of cancers are curable. The most important factor is early diagnosis with proper treatment, which requires interdisciplinary teamwork and integrated health care that can only be achieved in medical centers.
CMUH aims to cater to these integrated care needs for cancer patients; as one of the main medical centers in Taiwan, we are determined to provide the 4.5 million people in central Taiwan with well-organized, patient-oriented cancer care.
As cancer diagnosis and treatment typically involves more than one specialty and requires interdisciplinary care, it is common for a patient to wander from one department to another, often for weeks, and at times even months, before they receive a confirmed diagnosis and begin treatment. During this process, numerous patients fall prey to misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis, and often have to deal with diverging assessments in their clinical reports of what stage of cancer they are in, which can leave them in confusion and despair. Thus, our role as a medical center is to provide integrated treatment that is based on patient-centered teamwork.
CMUH has integrated the specialties involved in cancer treatment by forming teams that assess and diagnose specific types of cancer, where the attending physician of each team is responsible for the full diagnosis and treatment planning for individual patients, and designs custom-made treatment regimens according to each patient's age, physical state, social background, and clinical stage of cancer. We endeavor to provide personalized health care for every patient who visits us.
Our ultimate goal is to eliminate cancer through early diagnosis and prevention, professional and specialized treatments that are based on solid clinical research, and new drug trials.
Our 200-bed cancer hospital, located in Taichung City, Taiwan, is consistently ranked among the top cancer centers in Asia. Our nationally and internationally recognized staff provides consultations and treatment recommendations for all types of adult and pediatric cancer.
Our state-of-the-art surgical facilities and services include ten operating rooms, a same-day surgery unit, a short-procedure and endoscopy unit, a post anesthesia care unit, full anesthesiology capabilities, and an eight-bed intensive-care unit, as well as technologies for performing laser surgery and cryosurgery, computerized-tomography (CT)-guided biopsies, and stereotactic breast biopsies.
Radiation Oncology
Our radiation oncology services include CT/MRI for simulated three-dimensional treatment planning and brachytherapy. The department uses four state-of-the-art linear accelerators for radiation treatment and three treatment planning simulators (traditional, CT, and MRI).
Because our radiation oncologists collaborate with leading medical physicists and designers of medical equipment to develop new or improved applications of their technology, CMUH can often provide new treatments to patients before these treatments are available at other facilities.
The center has pioneered some of medicine's most effective radiation therapy techniques, from IMRT to ultrasound- and radiofrequency-guided targeting. These tools can precisely target tumors, even if they are moving, with minimal effect on surrounding healthy tissue, and deliver radiation doses that are tailored to the tumor's unique contours and density.
Diagnostic Imaging
The diagnostic imaging services that we offer include fluoroscopy, CT, chest scans, nuclear medicine, PET/CT, MRI, ultrasound, colonoscopy, mammography, and stereotactic breast biopsy. Review and consultation services are available at CMUH for electronic films submitted by physicians throughout the region and abroad.
Our MRI facility is equipped for high-quality clinical practice for all areas of medicine as well as research. Services also include MR angiography and spectroscopy.
Diagnostic Pathology
Dr. Su-Ming Hsu, a world-renowned pathologist, has pioneered the development of immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridization using monoclonal antibodies and probes for cancer diagnosis. He has been listed among the top 100 most cited authors in the world since 1988. Review and consultation services are available.
Cancer Prevention Program
The Cancer Prevention Program is dedicated to the belief that changing lifestyles or environments during childhood or adulthood can lower cancer incidence and improve survival.
The major goals of the Cancer Prevention Program are to (1) study the etiology and risk factors of cancer, including the identification of genetic, biologic, nutritional, behavioral, and environmental factors; (2) conduct clinic- and community-based intervention studies in targeted populations to identify the means to decrease cancer morbidity and mortality; and (3) develop and test novel screening and surveillance methods that can be readily translated into clinical use.