Emergency Services
Location: 2 Xue Shi Road, at the corner of Wuquan Road and Xue Shi Road.

Emergency Center: (04) 22052121 ext 5147

The New Emergency Center at CMUH officially opened in November, 2007. As the only emergency facility in Northern Taichung, this Center is vital to the community's near one million of residents, workers, and tourists.
The new facility includes the largest decontamination unit in the city. Every patient area has been upgraded, including those for women, children, asthma and chest pain patients. The emergency department is fully equipped to respond to both individual and community-wide emergencies.
Services Provided 
CMUH Hospital is a 911 receiving Hospital and a Regional Trauma Center. As a designated Stroke Center, we also specialize in the rapid and comprehensive care of patients with symptoms of stroke. Additionally, the Emergency Center has X-Ray and CT Scanning facilities within the department to expedite diagnosis and treatment.
Many of our staff are Chinese and English bilingual. For patients who speak other languages, we have immediate access to language banks and 24-hour translation services.
Ambulance Services 
We provide twenty-four hour coverage to Northern Taichung area. Their dispatch is controlled by the Taichung 911 system.
Our Affiliations 
CMUH is a University Hospital. This gives our patients immediate access to the most sophisticated subspecialty and tertiary care in the country.
The CMU Division of Trauma, Emergency Surgery and Critical Care provides around-the-clock care for trauma and emergency surgery patients with the most complex conditions.
Trauma Program 
Trauma is the leading cause of death in persons under the age of 40 and affects a substantial percentage of the Taiwan population. Every year nearly 3,100 people are brought here with critical injuries that can range from car and motorcycle crashes, falls, and violence related injuries.
Our highly trained team of surgeons provides 24-hours-a-day coverage for trauma and emergency surgery patients. We assessed every patient with bedside x-ray, ultrasound, CT scans and a host of various other tests to determine injury quickly. We believe that if you or a loved one is injured, your best chance for survival is to have care within first hour of injury by us.
Emergency Surgery Program 
Our surgeons are on-site 24 hours a day in caring for emergency surgical patients. By performing a high volume of operations, we have valuable experience in treating a wide spectrum of urgent conditions. We are taking all measures to ensure that every patient is receiving the best possible care.